About Us

Why should I choose shower screens online?
Shower Screens Online and our parent company The Edge Glass have been servicing shower screens throughout Victoria and Australia for over 30 years, all from our local factories in Geelong and Brooklyn. Our unique combination of industry experience and desire to innovate enables us to provide you with the shower screen you deserve and having delivered over 18,000 projects we are confident you will love it.

What shower screens do you make?
Shower Screens Online offers a wide variety of customised shower screens, with our specialisation being in frameless and semi-frameless shower screens. Furthermore, all glass we manufacture and install meets all current industry standards, including the following codes on glass AS/NZS 2208, AS/NZS 4667 and AS1288, to ensure the maximum amount of comfort and safety for our clients and our employees.

Do you offer shower screen installation?
Whilst Shower Screens Online do not offer an installation service, our parent company The Edge Glass – Geelong could put you in contact with a glazier if necessary. It is suggested that the Shower Screens are installed by experienced professionals.

Where are you based?
Shower Screens Online is 100% Australian owned and is based in Victoria, employing over 300 Australians at our two onsite shower screen manufacturers and showrooms in Geelong and Brooklyn.

How long does it take to get my order from Shower Screens Online?
We aim to have your product picked and packed within 48 hours of ordering. Having serviced over 1200 clients nationwide we are positive that we can deliver the high quality and speedy service you require and warrant.

For any further details feel free to contact us